• “Between Performance & the Health/Social Sciences Seminar”
    Organizers:  Julia Gray and Catherine Graham
  • “Circles in the Square: Women, Protest, and Performance”
    Organizers: Donia Mounsef, Natalie Meisner and Aida Patient
  • “Theatre Criticism in the digital age: Practicing new critical models in Canada”
    Organizers: Karen Fricker and Hayley Malouin
  • “Performances and Performatives within Digital Feminist Activism”
    Organizers: Michelle MacArthur and Shana MacDonald

Panels Animes par des Intervenants

  • “Seeking Circles for ‘rupture, ambiguity and dissensus’: Exploring Ethics of Practice in Applied Theatre »
    Organizers: Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta and Monica Prendergast
  • “Canadian Soundings: Plumbing the Depths of Voice in Canadian Theatre”
    Organizers: Sasha Kovacs and Michael Elliott
  • “Circling Beyond the Pacific: Asian Canadian Theatre and Performance”
    Organizers: Eury Chang and Siyuan Liu
  • “Critical Conversations Beyond our Circles”
    Organizer:  Lisa Aikman
  • “Embodying and Reflecting upon Postmarginality on Stage and in Rehearsal Halls”
    Organizers: Soheil Parsa, Peter Farbridge, and Diana Manole
  • “Performing Politics in the era of histrionic handshakes, ‘fake news,’ and ‘post-truth’”
    Organizers: Laura Levin and Stefanie Miller
  • “Rethinking Motherhood in Twenty-First Century Theatre”
    Organizers:  Sheila Rabillard and Karen Bamford
  • “‘Who are you Wearing?’: Embodiment, Fashion, and Agency”
    Organizers: Christine Mazumdar and Kelsey Blair

Tables Rondes

  • “Circles of Conversation and Practice in Applied Theatre”
    Organizers: Barry Freeman, Kathleen Gallagher, Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta
  • “Digital Performance in Canada”
    Organizer: David Owen
  • “Living Circles: Jewish Philosophy and Performance”
    Organizers: Laine Zisman Newman and Shira Schwartz Greenberg
  • “Looking Back Queerly: Performing Buddies in Bad Times 40th Anniversary”
    Organizers: Cameron Crookston, The University of Toronto
  • “Navigating the Hyphen: Artist-Scholar Roundtable on Improving Integrated Methodologies (and Pedagogies) of Scholarly and Artistic Practice”
    Organizers:  Seika Boye, Sasha Kovacs and Shelley Liebembuk
  • “The Circle of Conversations Ever Wider: Responding to Expanded Scenography in and out of the Classroom”
    Organizer: Wes Pearce
  • “CATR Member-Driven Session on Conduct”
    Organizers: CATR Conduct Committee (Roberta Barker, Jill Carter, Shauna Janssen, Kim McLeod, Emily Rollie, and Kirsty Johnston)

Les Ateliers de Representation

  • “‘Le Besoin d’être mal-armé’: Creating and Teaching Multilingually”
    Organizer: Art Babayants
  • “Teaching and Learning Cracker Barrel: ‘Designing Effective Assessments’”
    Organizers: Grahame Renyk and Jenn Stephenson

Les Ateliers de Praxie

  • “culturecapital trading card game + tournament performance”
    Organizers: Milton Lim and Patrick Blenkarn
  • “Laborarium: Praxis Session”
    Organizers: Soheil Parsa, Peter Farbridge, and Diana Manole
  • “Using forum theatre to explore ethical boundaries and multiple relationships in the university setting.”
    Organizer: Rebecca Harries
  • “Voice and Responsibility: a praxis workshop on Verbatim technique and Research exploration”
    Organizers: Kathleen Gallagher and Andrew Wasyleczko

Groupes de Travail

  • “Age and Performance: Expanding Intersectionality Working Group”
    Convenors: Benjamin Gillespie & Julia Henderson                                                           Contact: Benjamin Gillespie ( and Julia Henderson (
  • “Disability, Pedagogies, and Performance Working Group”                                    Convenors: Ash McAskill & Jessica Watkin                                                                                       Contact: Ash McAskill ( and Jessica Watkin, (
  • “Establishing a System of Peer Review: On-Campus Production-Based Research Working Group”
    Convenors: Claire Carolan, Ray Louter, James McKinnon, Ursula Neuerberg-Denzer, Sandra Chamberlain-Snider                                                                                        Contact: Claire Carolan (
  • “Performance History Working Group”                                                                          Convenors: Stephen Johnson, Marlis Schweitzer, Sasha Kovacs, Heather Davis-Fisch, Roberta Barker 
    Contact: Sasha Kovacs (
  • “Scenography Working Group”
    Convenors: Natalie Rewa, Gabrielle Houle, Jacquey Taucar                                        Contact:  (Attn: Dr. Natalie Rewa, Dr. Jacquey Taucar, and Dr. Gabrielle Houle)

Plus d’activités seront ajoutées dans la nouvelle année, y compris des détails sur les conférenciers principaux, les séances plénières, le séminaire Emerging Scholars et d’autres événements spéciaux.

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